• Dani

Makeup Monday - Fun Finds Part 1

Hey you guys! I interrupt our focus on foundation series to bring you a new series, FUN FINDS! It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas out in the world which means a lot of new fun merchandise is hitting the stores, over the weekend I found myself in Sephora and found this amazing blush palette from Clinique. You know the black honey products from Clinique are high on my list of favorites so when I stumbled across this palette I was immediately sold!

This palette includes Pink Honey Cheek Pop, Black Honey Cheek Pop and Gold Celebration Highlighter. Obviously I needed these honey blushes to go with my pink and black honey eye shadow palettes, not to mention the multiple black honey lip products I own. (I'm wearing the black honey chubby stick today with the black honey cheek pop.

I really needed a new blush, I know you are probably thinking "yeah right Danielle" but honestly with all the lipsticks and eye shadows I have, I only had and used one blush, which I love but wanted some variety! I'm so excited to have found this new palette!! What fun finds have you found? What should I be trying? Also FYI I have a new fun find on it's way to me as well so stay tuned for that!

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