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Makeup Monday - Fun Finds Part 2

Tis the season for festive eye shadow looks, fun new palettes and lips that sparkle! Today we are going to talk about some of the fun finds I've recently added to my beauty collection from two brands that I have really come to love. Huda Beauty and Beauty Bakerie.

Full disclosure Beauty Bakerie was giving away the Breakfast in Bed palette with any purchase, so I took the opportunity to add to my Lip Whip collection and try the new Sugar Stick lip liners. I really wanted to try a metallic lip whip so I got the shade Berried which is currently out of stock but keep checking. As expected this lasts ALL day and takes a good scrubbing to get it off at night which is amazing. I picked up the Sweetish Sugar stick which goes on so nicely, no pulling, no drying, no running! I have been having a blast creating looks with these new goodies. They are perfect for holiday looks and would make great presents for you or the makeup loving friend in your life!

I created the above look with the Breakfast in Bed palette, so fun, so sparkly, I used a new eyeliner that I'm not sure how I feel about yet so saving a full review for future posts. Lips I used the new lip whip and sugar stick and I felt this was so festive and fun! This palette is a little more natural but you can easily build up the color and get a bolder look if that is what you are going for.

Part of what I love about the Breakfast in Bed palette is you can create a softer more romantic holiday look if that is what you are going for, it's great for days we hang out at home but I want to still be cute because I never know when we are going to grab some tree photos!

Next up we have the Naughty Nude palette which I purchased from Sephora, I took advantage of the VIB Rouge 20% holiday discount and I really wish I purchased the set with the brushes but you live and learn! This palette is another new obsession. Very similar in shades as the Beauty Bakerie palette but with a little more punch! I'm obsessed with the marble shades, they are so fun and you almost don't know exactly what color you will get, also knowing that color will change depending on how the light hits it. So fun! The matte marble shade is also pretty great, really pigmented and fun and adds great dimension. What I don't really like or get the use for is the "never seen before" gloss. Yeah I pretty much feel it should have stayed never seen and I checked in on a bunch of beauty bloggers I follow and that is the general consensus, no one gets it, it feels like Vaseline and does nothing to improve an eye look. I tried wearing it alone and it just kinda looked like my eyelids were dirty. Thankfully all the other shades are so amazing, there is always a bad one in every batch.

You guys I had a blast with this above look. So shimmery, so pretty, so fun. I can't wait to put it together again and actually wear it out of the house! I paired it with a neutral lip so as not to take away from the eye look but I can totally see pairing it with the metallic down the line.

For this look I used one of the marble shimmer shades, hint that peek of blue popping out - love it! Was perfect for a holiday visit to Sea World and paired really well with my Bowl of Cherries Lip Whip! I have been playing with building color and fully utilizing my palettes and this look was just so fun to put together and I feel that I will be gravitating to it all holiday season long.

Ok there you have it my latest and greatest fun finds! I will be sharing more looks with both of these palettes on Instagram so be sure to follow me there and let me know what fun makeup you've found!

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