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Makeup Monday - Fun Theme Looks!

Today's Makeup Monday is going to be a little casual, a little silly and a lot of fun! You know I do my makeup just about every day and I've been asked why, and I've been asked how I come up with so many different looks, so today I thought I would share some of the theme looks I've created! These fun looks started with a theme and turned into a lot of fun!

I decided to join an Instagram Disney bounding challenge recently, so for the above look I created something a little spooky, a little ghostly for a Haunted Mansion themed look! I used the Ultraviolet palette which you know I absolutely love and it seemed just so perfect with the ghostly blues and haunting purple.

Pretty fun right? For the same challenge we also had to bound as our favorite Disney snack - well I went for the Dole Whip and it gave me the perfect chance to once again use the Limoncello palette from Colourpop! I was really happy with how this citrus forward look turned out!

We all have nearly mint condition Barbie dolls hanging around right? No? Just me? Ok well I own that, recently I was in Ohio with my mom and I found our Peaches and Cream Barbie doll that was still in such great condition. I snapped a picture, sent it to my friend Erinn and a theme day was born!

True story peaches is the one food I really really really hate and will not eat. I don't even love the smell, but I do love a good theme, Erinn supplied a full arsenal of peach themed makeup, palettes, lip gloss, you name it she had. She also supplied the fun earrings and we ate brunch, some of us drank peachy drinks, some of us just drank bubbly and both of us created really cute peachy looks!

I added a little purple to my look because Barbie has a little purple in her look. I had fun with the palettes Erinn brought and it's not usual for me to play with makeup I don't own but it was really a fun way to test out these palettes!

Yes I love my makeup and I definitely have looks, colors and palettes I gravitate to but give me a theme and I am all in! Do you have any makeup look themes you want to see? I have already been challenged with a Back to the Future theme which I am working on!

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