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Makeup Monday - Hocus Pocus Part 1

Sometimes when I'm left unattended I go a little crazy and that's exactly what happened the day Colourpop released this year's Hocus Pocus collection - I picked up not only this year's but the re-release of last year's collection. It all arrived and I was blown away and I've been having a fantastic time creating looks. Since there was so much in these collections this is part 1 because trust me I am just getting started!

Created this first look for a work day - these colors blend so fantastically and are so pigmented. The Gel Liners are creamy and go on really nice and the Tonight We Fly lip creme is fantastic it stayed on all day long and I had my mask on for most of the day since I was at work!

This look was so much fun, smoky burgundy with the red lip. Unfortunately the lip duos from last year's set don't appear to be available on the site anymore but wow this is pretty great!

A more casual look for a Halloween themed movie night I added some glitter from last year's collection and the Calming Circle lip creme for a gorgeous matte nude lip! This was a fun one to put together.

I knew I wanted to create this look around the Hello Boys lip creme but it was so scary - a black lip? I had never worn a black lip before and you know what? I kinda loved it, actually I totally loved it. It went on so nice, I love how it finished this look and I created a another smoky look with burgundy and a little greenish gold. Overall I have to say I'm really pleased with all of these products. The palettes are perfection, totally pigmented, they go on so nice and blend so well. I'm a big fan of the lip cremes they stay on super well and the color is just WOW!

I have had a great time putting these looks together, next I have to try the lashes, more glitter fun and the totally unnecessary but I had to have it spider face stamp! What do you hope to see in part 2?

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