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Makeup Monday - Hocus Pocus Part 2

We are taking another look at the Hocus Pocus makeup from Colourpop Cosmetics! I have been using both collections exclusively since I got them and I've gotta tell you - I am beyond obsessed. The colors are amazing and are super versatile. I find I can easily use the palettes for work or I can go super dramatic or smoky. These collections have truly allowed me to go outside of my comfort zone by giving me the option to play with Hello Boys black lip cream or the spider stamp that I didn't need but totally had to have.

I have created some of my favorite looks this week like the one above using Witching Hour palette for the eye look and pairing it with the I Smell Children Lip Kit. All of the lipsticks from the original collection are red but the Mary is my favorite! Perfect for a pre-Halloween villain look right?

Of the two palettes I gravitate to the Gather Round Sisters and I'm happy to report it is once again available on the Colourpop website! I love the colors in this palette, perfectly pigmented, just the right amount of shimmer and glitter. I paired the above look with the Tonight We Fly lip creme. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite of the three lip cremes in this year's collection because they are all so great.

Gosh I loved this smoky look with burgundy and green and flecks of gold. I loved creating dimension and it was perfectly dramatic even for a day at work. It's nice to have a fun bold eye when you are wearing a mask right? And this look really showed how different the looks using the Gather Round Sisters palette could be. So much fun.

Overall I have to say I am pretty obsessed with both collections and though Halloween is now behind us I will continue using these palettes all year long. After hitting the check out button I had a little bit of panic over buying both complete sets but once they arrived I was so glad I did. The eyeliners are fun colors and super creamy, the lipsticks and lip liners are perfection, the lip cremes are amazing and all the lip looks stay on all day long. The spider stamp is a super fun way to add a little something for spooky season and the glitter gels are just so much fun without being the usual over the top glittery mess. I haven't tried the lashes yet so I'll just have to pop back for a part 3 when I do.

Which of the above look is your favorite? And if I've inspired you to create a look of your home I hope you will share that too!

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