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Makeup Monday - I Love a Parade!

If you know me even a little you know I love eye shadow palettes, if you know me well you know I love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - I love it! I've watched it my whole life, I never miss it and I look forward to it every year. So one morning while I was shopping on I found the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Palette and of course I had to buy it immediately! Since this is Thanksgiving week what better way to kick it off by sharing some of the fun looks I created.

Overall I think these colors are so fun. I will say some of them could use a little more pigment, I really had to build up the Big Apple shade to get the look I was going for but I do like how the look turned out.

I made this look really pop by adding some 95, Santa and Confetti and was pleased with how it turned out and aside from wishing for more pigment these blended beautifully and were easy to build up.

For this frosty look I used the bottom row of the palette, I really like how this look turned out and though I have loads of purple shadows I loved adding the blues and hint of pink for this nod to my favorite snow queen.

I think one of my favorite shades is turning out to be Clown which I used for this look and added March and Star for a workday look I was really happy with. But on Saturday I created my favorite look from this palette.

Just having fun with pinks and shimmer and a true testament to how these shades blend so well together. This was a fun look for a fun outing. Now of course since this is Thanksgiving week we haven't seen the last of this palette and I have fun photos and videos planned for the days ahead. Be sure to follow on Instagram for all the fun and let me know which look above is your favorite and which new balloon or float you are most looking forward to in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

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