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Makeup Monday - JLo Beauty

I have been a big fan of Jennifer Lopez for a long time, so when she came out with a beauty line I had to try some right away! Who doesn't want to look like JLo right?! So as part of my birthday order from Sephora I picked up a couple of JLo Beauty products and I wanted to share a full review of both!

I am always looking for a good cleanser so I picked up That Hit Single and have been using it for several days. Usually I use it in the shower but I heard that it was supposed to remove all makeup so I had to give that a try. I washed my face with only this cleanser, skipping my Clinque Take the Day Off Balm and here are the results.

I have to say I am impressed. After washing my face with a dime size squeeze of cleanser I swiped a cotton pad over my face with clarifying lotion and it was clean! Every bit of foundation and concealer was washed away. I did notice it had a harder time with eyeliner and mascara but the mascara I used is difficult to remove by design so I'm not that surprised that it didn't take it all off. Overall this is a product I'm very happy with and will likely continue using and replenishing.

The second product I picked up is the That Fresh Take eye cream. This ultra moisturizing eye cream with peptides is supposed to reduce dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Obviously Jenny from the Block looks amazing at 50 so definitely worth trying right? I love this eye cream. I love how it goes on, not oily at all, doesn't leave your under eyes wet they are smooth immediately and ready to have makeup applied. I have been using this twice a day for a little over a week and I do feel that I have seen a reduction in my dark circles, will for sure continue to use and will report back when I reach the end of the jar but at this time, I think this is a winner.

Final thoughts, I am happy with these items and will be picking up additional JLo Beauty products. I think the face cleanser is pretty magical and I think the eye cream has a ton of potential. Have you tried any of this new line? Would love to hear what I should try next!

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