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Makeup Monday - Let's Talk Lipstick

We have spent a lot of time over the last few weeks talking about skin care, which of course is super important but let's add a little color back into our lives shall we? Now I know we live the mask life now but I have a lot of lipstick - A LOT, so a little thing like a mask isn't going to keep me from wearing lipstick. Today we will focus on the lipsticks that I find work best under a mask, from super long lasting to super moisturizing.

First up, Beauty Bakerie's Matte Lip Whip. You guys, this seriously lasts all day long! I have worn it out where I have taken my mask on and off, I've worn it to eat fresh hot donuts covered in fruity cereal and I've still had to use makeup remover to get it off at the end of the day. I have the shade Bowl of Cherries but this is high on my list of lipsticks that I will be buying in many many many colors. Trust me when I say you won't be sorry with this one.

Brand new in the world we have Rare Beauty from Selena Gomez and the Lip Souffles are fantastic. Now I will tell you they don't last as long as the Lip Whips but they will last under your mask and drinking your coffee but I don't think they will hold up to the donut test. Where they lack in longevity they more than make up for in hydration. These feel so so good on your lips. Wearing a mask all the time can really be drying and when I workout and run I tend to breathe out of my mouth which also causes my lips to dry and these lip souffles have been fantastic for that. I have shades Strengthen, which I'm wearing in the photo above and shade Courage. Likely, I will be getting more of these as well.

Now of course we couldn't have a post about lipstick without including my beloved chubby sticks could we? Here's the thing, I probably have fifty chubby sticks and that is not an exaggeration, I have them in all sorts of shades and they are perfect for those days where I'm just hanging out at home or just running somewhere and need that great hydration for my lips. Typically when I get dressed I just open a drawer and pull out the nearest one. These puppies are great for this lipstick lover. What are your favorite lipsticks? Do you prefer matte or glossy? Can't wait to hear from you!

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