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Makeup Monday - March Madness - Meet the Sweet 16!

It's time for the first ever Adventures by Dani March Madness Palette Edition! It was quite the task taking the sixty-two palettes I have and narrowing them down this Sweet Sixteen but with the help of Instagram followers voting and me definitely playing favorites with some palettes we made and now it's time to meet your sweet 16!

Over the course of the next month we will take these 16 palettes and crown a winner!! There will be posts, tutorials, reels, many many looks - be sure to follow over on Instagram so you can vote and see if your favorite makes it to the finale! We are starting with sixteen palettes different brands, different price points, different colors. We have tried and true like my beloved Anastasia of Beverly Hills and a brand new cosmetic line Pley Beauty. Over the course of March I hope we discover new looks, new techniques, new ideas and have so much fun.

Which of these palettes do you hope to see make it on to the next round? Do you have a favorite that you hope to see crowned the victor? I definitely have a few that I hope to see make it to the end, share your picks in the comments. Here is to a great month of Makeup Madness!

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