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Makeup Monday- Mascara

I was supposed to be back home for this makeup Monday but since I stayed at my parents longer, we are doing things a little different today and I am writing this post on my phone so please bear with me!

You may know that my mom is the reason I got into makeup and her house is like a makeup lover's candy store! She gave me a couple of mascara samples to try and I thought that this would be just the thing for today's post! So we are going to talk about three mascaras, two are from Dior and one is my favorite Clinique mascara of all time.

The first is Diorshow Plump and Volume HD and can be found at Sephora for just about $30. I loved the application brush, I loved how full it made my lashes look and I already have pretty full lashes. It didn't clump or run and trust me I have been putting these mascaras through the ringer! I could absolutely see myself picking this mascara up in the future.

The other Dior is the basic Diorshow mascara also available at Sephora and about the same price as the other. I didn't dislike this mascara, it went on nice, it stayed on, it is a bit softer. It checks all the boxes and I was happy with it but likely if I were to only pick up one of these it would be the Plump and Volume because it did something noticeable to my lashes.

Last but not least Clinique's High Impact Waterproof Mascara, this mascara is $20 at Sephora but I think I bought this particular tube at Macy's. This is my favorite, it lasts all day long whether you sweat or cry (I've been doing a lot of both here) this mascara will stay in place. I often joke that you need a sandblaster to remove it. This is my go to and still champion after this little test.

Final thoughts, these are three solid performering mascaras, I will continue to favor the Clinique High Impact but I will also be heading to pick up the Diorshow Pump and Volume when my little sample runs out. What is your go to mascara? I use several other mascaras at home would you like a part 2 of mascara reviews?

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1 Comment

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Mar 15, 2021

I’m a fan of that Clinique mascara as well. But I’m 100% going to invest in that Diorshow Pump! Lord knows I’m in a glass case of emotion most of the time and in these days of masks I wanna make my eyes pop!

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