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Makeup Monday - Misunderstood Palette

Do you have a palette on your wish list that you are dying to get your hands on but keeps selling out? That is how I felt about the Disney Villains Misunderstood palette from Colourpop. It was constantly sold out, in fact it's sold out now but keep checking back. A few weeks ago I saw that it was in stock and I ordered it right away and I'm so glad I did. This beauty certainly lives up to my expectations!

The packaging and colors are so fun, so villainous, so shimmery and smoky. I am having fun putting looks together with this one.

I created this look as part of our Lord of the Rings theme days (more on that soon) I loved the earthy, smoky, shimmering shades. This look was fun to put together and if you head to Instagram there is more on it there! I am obsessed with that green shade and I couldn't wait to use it.

This above look is one of my favorites - not from this palette but of all time! I love the purple shades that is no secret and these blended so nice that I couldn't help but automatically fall in love with this look and this palette. They blend so nice you can't tell I used five shades can you?

Another fun look utilizing the blues and blacks and golds from this palette! I applied the gold with a wet brush and wow I loved the results.

I give this palette an A+ it was worth waiting for it to come back into stock and I can see myself using this over and over again especially in the Fall months where Halloween is a big deal for me!

What is your palette unicorn? What palette did you wait for and did it meet your expectations when you finally got your hands on it? I can't wait to hear!

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