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Makeup Monday - New Colourpop Palettes, New Looks!

We are back for an all new Makeup Monday! After receiving the Mandalorian Palette from Colourpop for Christmas I was pretty much obsessed with what they had to offer so when they released these mini palettes I picked them up immediately! Now they released five and I only bought four... don't ask me why I have no idea why I left one out and I'll be fixing that soon. I am in love with these little palettes, I have been using them each to create looks and moving forward I will be mixing these up. The pigment is amazing, they go on nice and smooth, there is a little fall out from the glitter shadows in the Lyric and Amor palettes but not any more than usual when dealing with a chunky glitter shade. The price point is incredible, I paid $10 a piece but as I type this they are $7.50 so a good time for me to order that fifth shade right?

The Amor palette is so much fun! I created a little bit of a halo by putting the light glitter in the center, just a fun party look or in this case Danielle-abration look!

The Lyric palette might be the one I'm most excited about. I love that bronze look and these blend like a dream. I can for sure see myself reaching for this again and again. I also think without adding the glitter this could make for a nice work look too!

Another fave is the Ballad palette. Of course I love them all so picking favorites is basically the one I'm wearing. Another dream to blend, I love these colors, I love the smokiness. This is an amazing little palette.

And last but not least the Cherish palette. This is another fun one, pretty colors, blends nice, not too over the top glittery but a beautiful shimmer.

I have been having a blast with these little palettes and I can't wait to see what else I can do with them. I also plan to pick up more Colourpop palettes so if you have any recommendations let me know. For the price point you can't beat these, they are a great way to add fun colors without spending a lot of money!

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1 commentaire

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
25 janv. 2021

I have a couple of their pallets heading my way and I’m super excited! You cannot beat their prices and the fact that the pallets are limited editions adds to the hype for collecting them.

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