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Makeup Monday - No Makeup, Makeup

Somedays I know it's going to be a comfy clothes, binge watching, crafting day where I don't leave the house. On those days I like to give my face a break from all the foundation and eyeliners and glitter, but I don't want to look like a zombie so I throw together a simple look that focuses on skincare. I start with washing my face and my normal routine and it's important to note that before bed you have to wash your face again, this is a break for your skin, not an invitation to ignore it.

I start with moisturizer, above is what I used today but on days where I'm not wearing makeup I add the Clinique Dramatically Different BB-Gel - this stuff is magic. It evens your skin tone giving your skin a unified healthy look. I got this as part of my gift with purchase and I'm absolutely obsessed with it.

Then I add Super City Block, it's oil free, has sunscreen, sheer, light, and perfect for a no makeup glow. I've been using this stuff for a long long time and I just love how it feels on my face and I love how it absorbs excess oil.

I've mentioned before that I always have dark circles under my eyes so in an effort to be less scary I throw on some concealer. Usually this Hourglass concealer because it is so lightweight, it gets rid of the circles, I don't look like I just crawled out of a coffin but it's not weighing me down.

Now since I know I'm not going out, so I won't be wearing a mask today I put on a healthy layer of something super hydrating for my lips. I love this Hydrating Lip Oil from Ciate. It feels so good on my lips and also leaves them super shiny so it just finishes off the healthy glow look I'm going for.

I also like to give my hair a break on these lazy stay at home days. Instead of filling my hair with product or blow it dry, I just throw in some leave in conditioner and call it a day. I love Living Proof products and this conditioner is no exception. It makes my hair feel so soft, makes it easier to style, gives it a nice shine.

And there you have it, my no makeup, makeup look. An easy way to look good, feel good and treat your skin with care. Let me know if I've inspired you to try any of these products and what you think of them, can't wait to hear from you!

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