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Makeup Monday - Pumpkin Spice Life

When a pumpkin spice palette from one of your favorite brands comes out is there any other choice but to snap it up immediately? Not for me there wasn't. I ordered this palette the minute it was available on (Not available in stores until 9/18) I had to be patient as there was a small shipping snafu that Sephora fixed immediately and then I got this amazing palette in my hot little hands just begging for Fall looks to be created.

I am obsessed with the variety of colors found in this palette, you have everything for the perfect pumpkin patch look, the beautiful pinks and purples for that Halloween haunt look and those luscious greens that may be a huge part of the reason I picked up this palette! As usual I love the color selection and names Too Faced chose for this palette and another fun detail, the pumpkin spice aroma that greets you when you open this up! So good!

The above look I used a little bit of Ginger Spice but really focused on Love You a Latte and PSL and Chill, finishing it with Fall Vibes in the inner corner. How Fall and fun is this? I am in love with how it turned out.

I flipped the script for this look focusing more on the oranges and greens in the palette but you can glimpse a hint of purple in the crease and water line. Very spooky for Halloween right?

This look I used mostly oranges and browns focusing on the greens for a casual errand running look but wanted to feel Fall as I scooped up everything pumpkin spice Target had to offer! I have only used this palette since it arrived and will probably use it for many weeks to come so I will share more looks on Instagram. I found this palette to be great as far as pigment goes, these go on super smooth, even the shimmer shades are not clunky and they all blend really nicely. There is little to no fallout and you can easily build up the colors for a more dramatic look but I didn't have to do that for any of these featured looks.

I am really looking forward to trying all of the colors and creating more fun Fall looks with this baby. For a gal who is obsessed with all things pumpkin and is equally obsessed with making this the most epic Fall season ever, I'm thrilled with this palette from Too Faced. You can order yours here. Let me know if you try this palette or if there is a particular color you want to see in use in the comments below and come find me on Instagram we'll be playing with this palette live later today! (September 14, 2020)

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1 comentário

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
14 de set. de 2020

I’m loving the pumpkin spice fall lewks!!! 😍

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