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Makeup Monday - Revolution!

Right before we moved my fabulous friend Erinn gifted me with two amazing palettes from Revolution. One was the Tasty Palette Latte, and the other Avocado. We moved at Halloween time and during that time I was deep into my Hocus Pocus palettes but as the dust settled I remembered these two gems and I started playing.

When I was younger I used to have a ton of green eyeshadow. It was really my go to color. Somehow over the years I have found myself with less and less so this Avocado palette is perfect for falling in love with green shadows all over again. The golds, coppers and touches of blue in this palette also make for some really fun look ideas and I feel I'll be leaning on this heavily as we move into the holiday season.

As you can imagine I'm obsessed with the Latte palette, partially because it looks like coffee but these warm shades have stolen my heart purples, browns and more gold to create rich looks is absolutely perfect for me.

I've leaned way into the purples adding different levels of smokiness and I really love the way these looks turned out. If you head to Instagram you'll see even more looks created with these palettes as I plan to use them all week and you know maybe even create a reel or two!

The bottom line on the Revolution palettes - I am new to this brand though always intrigued by their collaborations so I'm super excited to report that these blend beautifully, there is little to no fallout and the shadows last all day and don't get weird and melt into my lid crease. In face I'm so pleased with these palettes that I may have placed an order for another palette that will make for some fun crossover posts in the future! The price point is another nice thing about this brand, which helps in playing with colors you wouldn't want to spend a fortune on and you can find this brand in Target and Ulta. Right now their site appears to be having a sale. (like I said I just placed an order) Let me know if you pick up anything! Thank you Erinn for the thoughtful gift and for enabling my palette habit!

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