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Makeup Monday: Sephora Sale Haul

I love Sephora so much, you guys know that and when they do their Spring sale I'm all in! I usually refill some of the things that need refilling but then I take the opportunity to buy something totally unnecessary but that I really want. Above is my latest order! I needed things like foundation and concealer and I am obsessed with Sunday Riley right now so I picked up some of those goodies but I also had to have this palette from Rare Beauty and I of course wanted the new red lipstick from Hourglass.

The sale ends today so I might place another order but I thought I would share the fun I had with this new palette and lipstick! I also used the Sunday Riley Saturn spot treatment and the Good Genes and CEO Glow with this look. I have said this before and I will say it again, the Saturn spot treatment smells like Home Depot BUT it is effective and the benefits outweigh the scent!

I had such a blast with the Confident Energy Palette from Rare Beauty. I have enjoyed the lipsticks I've picked up from Rare Beauty and I'm a fan of Selena Gomez and her message, I also loved the name of this palette and the packaging is just so beautiful!

I went for this gold, blue, green and hint of pink look and I love it. I love the shimmer, I love how easy these are to blend, I had to build the color of the gold a tiny bit but overall the pigment is amazing and the shimmer is just what you want from a shimmer shade. I had almost no fallout which I also loved. Definitely recommend this gorgeous palette and at $25 the price point is not bad at all.

Every cool eyeshadow look needs a great lipstick right? I have had my eye on this lipstick since Hourglass released it and I did a vote on Instagram and it was decided that I needed this. I absolutely agree I did need this! Now this is a pricey lipstick at $40 but it is refillable and this is not your normal red. I have a lot of red lipstick and there is something different about this one that I'm totally digging. It is vegan and completely cruelty free and is long wearing - I will update you on how long wearing it actually is at a later date but I have to say that I am very happy I picked up Confession - Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick and can definitely see myself refilling this for sure!

Did you shop the Sephora sale? What did you pick up? Can't wait to share more fun looks with this palette and next week we'll be looking at new Clinique goodies!

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