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Makeup Monday - Summer Favorites Part 2

I don't know about where you are but here in Florida it has been super hot and though I've said this before you have to always wear sunscreen it bears repeating and I found two new products that have quickly become Summer favorites. Both from Supergoop! The Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF Serum and the (Re)Setting 100% Mineral Powder SPF 35.

I've been using the Daily Dose Serum most days whether I'm heading out into the sun or not, here if Florida you just never know. But I love the boost the Vitamin C gives my complexion.

This (Re)Setting powder is pure magic. I throw it in my bag and it's the perfect way to reset your makeup, re-up your sunscreen on your face and touch up any sweaty, oily bits that may have occurred while out in the world. I take it everywhere with me because again you just never know and it was perfect to touch up after a few hours on the beach before heading to lunch! I absolutely recommend both of these products!

Overall, I was already a big fan of Supergoop! and this just pushed me right over the top to super fan! These products are amazing. I will continue to use them through Summer and beyond along with their sunscreens that I have already been using for years. What is your number 1 go to product for the Summer?

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