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Makeup Monday - Summer Looks

We are wrapping up 4th of July weekend and today I bring you some fun Summer eye looks to keep things festive and fun as you hit the beach, go to parties, lounge by the pool or have fun theme weekends at home.

We had a little theme day at work all about sharks of course because nothing says Summer like the movie Jaws and sharks. For this look I went dark and stormy using the Coach x Sephora Sharky Palette. This palette is so good and so fun and fits in perfect for that Summertime shark theme.

Sometimes you have to go full patriotic for as you kick off the holiday weekend celebrating our country. I used the Urban Decay x Prince Let's Go Crazy palette for this red, white and blue look and I had so much fun with it! I tend to add a bit more sparkle during the Summer - like a little fireworks show on our eyes!

For this Summer sky look I used the Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes palette. This is the palette I use when we go to the beach or Sea World or just feel super summery. I love how this look turned out. Just the right touch of sparkle to light up the sky. Unfortunately this palette is hard to find, you can get it on Amazon by clicking here but that is not what I paid for it. There are also some places that are selling it used.

How do you change up your eye look during the Summer? Do you have a look you are hoping to see? Share in the comments below and I will do what I can!

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