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Makeup Monday - The Final Four

I have been having an absolute blast with March Madness Palette addition and now I present you with The Final Four! Three of these were tight races! One was nearly another upset but sometime between 10PM and 4AM my favorite pulled off the win. Now here are some of the looks that took these to the next round!

The Mermaid palette from Tarte won this round by the largest margin - actually the palette it was up against only received two votes. For this look I went with the browns and bronze tones that I haven't really used from this palette before. What I ended up with was a look I absolutely love. It has just enough shimmer and since these shadows blend so nicely I was able to get a really smooth look.

The Ultraviolet palette from Urban Decay was very nearly another upset! This one was close but thankfully it made it to the final four because I love this palette - it may be my favorite!!

I went to bed and the Norvina palette was losing by a few votes and I was preparing myself for another upset but when I woke up we were able to celebrate instead!!! The blue, pinks and golds I used for this look were really fun, reminds me a little of a sunset!

The Latte palette from Revolution - this is the sleeper of this competition for sure. After sending the Pumpkin palette packing I embraced all this palette had to offer and I created this super fun bronzy look.

How is your bracket looking? Has your favorite made it to the final four? Which palette are you hoping takes the whole thing? I can't wait to hear!

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