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Makeup Monday - The Final Two

And it all comes down to the final two palettes! I am super excited share that after weeks of voting, upsets and close calls - not to mention all the fun looks, we are down to the Norvina Palette by Anastasia of Beverly Hills and the Naked Ultraviolet palette by Urban Decay. I would be lying if I said I wasn't completely over the moon that these two made it to this final round, they are two of my favorite palettes ever!! There were a couple of really close calls, the Norvina palette only won this last round by two votes!

The Norvina palette is well loved, I have used it so much and created so many looks with it. My favorite things about this palette include the versatility, I love the mix of matte and shimmer shades, also the smooth way these colors blend, it is super easy to create looks with this palette, these shades are so pigmented but my favorite is that they are so amazingly smooth and easy to blend, no creasing, no pulling just smooth amazing coverage.

Some of you might remember the love affair I had with the Ultraviolet palette last year and March Madness as sparked that love anew! Another amazing palette that blends easily, is really pigmented and fun! For the look on the left I used half of the palette that was previously untouched! That's ho amazingly versatile this palette is that I could create so many looks and just now use all the colors in the palette!

Voting for this final round will take place on my Instagram stories on Friday! This week I will create more looks with these two palettes, get some new tutorials up and eagerly wait for the winner to be announced! Which of these palettes do you hope gets crowned the victor?

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