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Makeup Monday - Time for Something New

Now that March Madness is over it's time to play with new palettes! I received one of these palettes just before March Madness started and I even slipped it into the bracket even though it didn't go very far - I blame the fact that it was so new I hadn't created quality looks with it yet. The other palette came during March Madness and it took a lot of restraint to open it until the bracket winner was confirmed!

First up the Cobra Kai Pleyer Palette from Pley Beauty. Inspired by one of my absolute favorite TV shows I couldn't resist when Peyton List came out with her own line of cosmetics and included a whole Cobra Kai collection. Not only do I love her on the show but I love this palette! I am also a big fan of the Let it Linger eyeliner in Flora. I typically use liquid liner but this gel pencil lives up to its 12-hour long lasting promise.

Naturally I also bought a couple of lipsticks and glosses from Pley Beauty and I am absolutely obsessed with the Lust + Found lip gloss in the shade Mae. This is my go to gloss right now and if you go back through all of my bracket looks you'll notice I'm wearing this gloss in many of them! I also love the Cobra Kai Lip Habit - photos and looks with that coming really soon!

My nerdy little makeup loving heart skipped a beat when Colourpop announced the Darth Vader shadow palette, I particularly swooned over the gun metal greys and the amazing shimmers. The packaging is cool and the looks have been a lot of fun to created!

I absolutely loved playing with these greys and reds, creating dimension and just having fun. I can see myself turning to this palette over and over again. The mattes particularly blend really nicely. I am super glad I picked this one up.

Which of these looks is your favorite? If you pick up either of these palettes be sure to let me know!

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1 Comment

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Apr 04, 2022

The Cobra Kai looks are 😍!

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