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Makeup Monday - Travel Edition

This last weekend Tamy and I escaped for a much needed getaway, which meant I had to narrow down my beauty supplies into travel bags! We were only gone two nights so I really limited myself to what I brought with me.

I find that traveling is the perfect time to use all the samples I receive and believe me they are plentiful. The green bag above is always ready to go. I will go through it every so often to add new samples and remove the ones that have been in there for too long. I always love to utilize the trial and travel size items I've received, this is particularly great for face cleansers and moisturizers. Some of these items I will absolutely fall in love with during a trip and they will become a regular member of my beauty routine. Some of them I will use and never look at again. I think it is safe to say that all of the Sunday Riley items will become a staple.

For the second bag I typically pack the morning of a trip and will put the items in the bag as I use them so I know I don't forget any part of my daily routine. I try to limit one foundation, one toner, one primer, one moisturizer and for this trip being so short I allowed myself only one eye shadow palette. Now I will tell you that is not always the case, there have been trips where I brought five palettes. (I know, I know I have a real problem) I did the same with my brushes I brought what I knew I would absolutely need and didn't bring every brush in my arsenal.

I did allow myself to bring both a black and brown eyeliner but only allowed one mascara and in a shocking turn of events I only brought three lipsticks. This is unheard of in Danielle land but since I knew we were going to spend a lot of time walking around the resort in masks I brought just three long lasting and moisturizing lipsticks. I chose two of the Rare Beauty Lip Souffles and one Matte Lip Whip by Beauty Bakerie.

Do you use the beauty samples you receive? Do you have an item you absolutely can't leave home without? My must have items are:

  1. A good cleanser

  2. A toner/clarifying lotion

  3. A moisturizer

  4. Foundation

  5. Eye Shadow

  6. Lipstick

With those items I can make something happen. At home I use a finishing spray which I didn't bring this time around and you know what - I managed. Find the most important items to you and bring those. We will have other makeup travel posts in the future but this is my down and dirty must have goodies. Can't wait to hear what you bring when you travel!

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1 Comment

Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Oct 05, 2020

I’m a huge fan of multi-use products (like a blush or eye cream that can also be a lip color)!

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