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Makeup Monday - Weekend Looks and Something New

Happy Makeup Monday! Today we are going to do something a little different and focus on one particular look created for an outing to a Fall Festival at a local farm. We're also going to talk about creating specific looks based on the season. Today I am also going to introduce something super fun created by a friend that will be making many many future appearances in Makeup Monday posts! Ready to get started?

Pumpkins and Fall was the theme of the day so of course I turned to the oranges, greens, a little touch of purple and a dark lip. Yes of course I was wearing a mask but I never shy away from a chance to play with lipstick. For the eye look I naturally used the Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Palette it has been my go to this Fall season and the reason is simple. In the Fall months the clothes we wear lean more towards earthy tones so it is not a surprise that during the season I gravitate towards greens, oranges, coppers that just pair so well with the colors I wear and the colors that can be found in Fall foliage - you know if you don't live in Florida that is.

For the lips I went with liner and gloss from Haus Laboratories Haus of Whiskey Collection. The liner is called Neat and the gloss called Chaser. Fall calls for those wine, berry and brown shades so this Mahogany and dark brown glossy pairing really worked for me and the look I was going for. Now as we move out of the Fall into the Holiday season I don't know that it will mean that I will stop using these fun shades or just pair them differently. You guys will of course be the first time know. And I will be able to document and plan all my looks in this exciting new product created by my friend Rob with a little input from your makeup loving adventurer and another friend Sarah.

Introducing My Makeup Journal. You can purchase one of your own by clicking here. Inside there are pages where you can create looks, swatch palettes, sketch looks, make notes, keep a product inventory and review items. Cool right?

I can't wait to fill the pages of this book with all my look ideas and creations and to share them with you to get your thoughts and feelings. I also really need to manage my makeup inventory and now I have the perfect place for that. There are so many fun makeup occasions on the horizon Halloween, and then all those glimmering shimmering Christmas looks, what would you like to see in future Makeup Monday posts?

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