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Makeup Monday - Wild Greens

Gosh, I'm a sucker for not only eyeshadow palettes but also green eyeshadow. When Urban Decay released the Wild Greens palette I knew I would end up getting it. I took advantage of the Spring sale and while I was picking up some sunscreen and face washing essentials I added this gorgeous palette and it really is beautiful! Check it out by clicking here.

I've only had this palette a few days and I've already created some great looks with it. The first one I leaned really heavy on the green, using some of the mattes but adding just a bit of shimmer to make this look extra fun!

As much as I loved the first look the second look I created I loved even more! The shade Tumeric is just so good. The greens, the oranges, the shimmers, the mattes, all so beautifully blendable, all so pigmented and fun to use. I'll be excited to see what work day looks I can create so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram for more of this great palette. What is your favorite eyeshadow colors these days?

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