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Makeup Mondays - Fun Finds Part 3

Hello, hello! We are back for another fun finds on this very rainy Florida Monday! Today we have three items that I have been newly introduced to over the last few months and that I'm super excited about!

This first item I found over the Summer and is an absolute life saver for us chubby girls. It's the Megababe Thigh Rescue, which prevents chafing when you wear skirts or shorts. I typically wear some kind of protective covering when I wear skirts or dresses but on Thanksgiving we had the oven going for four hours cooking up a storm and it was 85 degrees outside so I was wearing a pretty dress but didn't want to wear another layer so I swiped on this brilliant product and I was good to go all day. We even went for a nice long walk and there was zero chafing! I bought this directly from Megababe along with a pocket size version to keep in my purse.

The next two items came from the FabFitFun Winter Box which I will talk more about later but I will start with these two fun items that I was delighted to get in this season's box. The first is the Whish Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub. We all know wearing masks all the time can really dry out your lips, not to mention the fact that the weather is getting colder in some places and for me personally wearing the long lasting matte lipsticks can even further dry your lips so this lip scrub arrived just in time. It smells great, you feel a difference immediately and you only need a tiny bit to do the trick! I definitely recommend if you are plagued by dry lips.

I love this Laura Geller Cinnamon and Spice palette, it is perfect for holiday looks adding the right amount of shimmer but also being perfect for those cozy stay at home days too without looking so over the top. These colors are nicely pigmented, go on really smooth and blend amazingly well. This neutral palette would make a great gift for someone (or for yourself).

Now let's talk about FabFitFun boxes as a bonus fun find! I have been getting these boxes for a year now and I have not been sorry at all. In fact I made the decision to renew for another year even though I'm still currently furloughed because the products you get are just amazing and it's really a cost effective way to try new things and get some great new items into your collection, whether beauty products, jewelry or items for your home. I've even used items from boxes as gifts for other people!! If you are interested in signing up you can click on this link, if you use this link and sign up for a seasonal membership you will also get a free mini box and in full disclosure I will get credit to use towards future products.

Let me know if you try any of these fun finds and if you sign up for FabFitFun I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Liz Betkis Myrato
Liz Betkis Myrato
Dec 04, 2020

I have been using Body Glide for years to stop the chub rub. It is also great if you get hot spots on your feet walking/running. Was a life saver up North during the winter when my heels would get dry but I needed to get in 10+ miles.

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