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My Greatest Adventure - Meet Tamy & Brody

Today seemed like a good day to officially introduce you to my greatest adventures, my greatest joys and the two beings who could use your support because they have to put up with me all of the time and unlike my sweet blog readers they can't click me away!

Tamy and I met at work and safe to say she got me through some of the most challenging times I've ever faced! She stood by my side through a divorce, my dad being very sick and it's pretty safe to say she brought me back to life, she helped me find myself again after getting lost in the madness of a bad situation. Tamy is remarkable, she is so supportive, she is at the starting line and finish line of every race I run, she has sat through many a private pole or lyra lesson, she has packed a bunch of girls in a car and spent a weekend at the beach with us. Tamy is always up for a trip to Disney or Vegas and especially to the beach. I suggest something wacky and my darling wife says "yeah ok let's do it" I'm not sure how I got so lucky. We will celebrate our third wedding anniversary in December, hopefully with a trip to Vegas!

I brought a dog into this relationship who Tamy loved as much as I did and who she treated as though she had raised him from a puppy, the loss of our Hooper was a lot for us to handle and it took us a while before we were ready to welcome a new little puppy into our hearts to love. We knew when the time was right and Tamy, like always in her quiet supportive way followed my lead when she felt we were ready and that brings us to Brody...

Brody was four pounds when we found him outside of a local pet store during an adoption event. We stopped on a whim and I instantly fell in love with this little cutie. They told us that day he was a chihuahua/dachshund mix and would be no more than twelve pounds. Well, he now tips the scales at twenty-two pounds and we see no evidence that he is a mix of either of the breeds mentioned but you know, we love him even more for it!

He has really taught us a great deal about patience, about what we can handle as a couple and how to laugh in the face of frustration, which we faced a lot during potty training and puppy teething! The photos above were captured by Amanda at A Style Photography, she is amazing and has been taking Brody's photo since he was 3 months old and the images she captures are spectacular. I love having this comparison of when he was just a little guy right next to a photo taken in June. Not that there are a shortage of Brody photos. He is super photogenic and too smart for his own good.

Together Tamy and Brody always have my back, can always be guaranteed to want to cuddle and watch Grey's Anatomy, to bring me their Kong toy to fill with treats! Through the last few months they have kept me sane, they have kept me calm, they have made me laugh. Tamy has stood at virtual finish lines and supported this blog and helped to keep me motivated and upbeat even on the days I want to do the opposite. Now that you've been properly introduced these two will be appearing here even more! Stay tuned and if you have any questions just ask in the comments below or email can be found on the contact page!

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