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Not Every Adventure is Fun

Sometimes life takes you on an adventure that isn't exactly a good time. The last couple of weeks have been a little bit challenging, I got a horrible cold and was sicker than I had been in a long, long time and as soon as I was better, I had to prep for my first Colonoscopy.

I have to tell you the Colonoscopy prep is no joke - I know there are many different methods for this prep dependent on your doctor. I was prescribed Clenpiq, which meant I had two bottles of stuff to drink but three days before that I had to switch to a low fiber diet meaning no fruits or veggies or beans or nuts - it was interesting. From the start I was most concerned with the prep, the idea of the clear liquid diet was not appealing to this girl who lives her life thinking about food!

Starting around noon on prep day I was hit with a pounding headache, I continued to work but as the day went on the headache got worse and worse. I do not wish to ever see Jello again and I did have a mug full of clear broth. The first bottle of Clenpiq made me nauseous - Tamy was at the ready with cool rags and ice packs for my head. Sleeping was impossible, concentrating on anything was impossible and all the things I thought I was going to do to fill my time in the wee small hours was really impossible. I was a lump on the couch making trips back and forth to the bathroom (gross, I know) The second bottle was easier and I managed about two hours of sleep before getting ready to head to the surgical center.

I did manage to sleep most of the way to the surgical center and the rest of the morning was honestly a piece of cake. Every single person at the Citrus Surgery Center was amazing. Check in was easy and once I was in the room with the nurses and anesthesiologist everything was a breeze. My veins are historically problematic, that was still true for this procedure, especially given how dehydrated I was, but they were able to get the IVs in with little discomfort to me. They set me at ease and made me relax and then I was awake and it over - WHAT! I was shocked.

I was given very specific instructions to do almost nothing the rest of the day - I couldn't drive, I couldn't cook and I couldn't sign legal documents (seriously!) So I rested the entire day feeling tired, a little drained but overall really good. Tamy ran out and picked up Publix subs for dinner because all I wanted was liverwurst (no seriously, that's what I was craving) I spent hours in bed and slept like a baby!! This was a very scary thing for me, I don't love doctors, I don't love medical procedures but at the end of the day a Colonoscopy is so important and I encourage you to go when the doctor tells you and not procrastinate for a year like I did.

This necessary adventure was not the most fun I've ever had that is for sure, but it definitely made for some interesting stories and memories that will last for a long, long time. Now I can get back to fun adventures, creating, cooking, crafting and doing all the things you have grown to love about this little blog! If there is anything in particular you missed be sure to leave it in the comments!

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