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Photoshoot Adventures

Aside from weddings and the photos I took at home with my ring light and timer I never experienced a professional photoshoot, so when one of my closest friends Sara, who is a professional photographer, gifted me a photoshoot with her for my birthday I didn't really know what to expect. What I should have expected was being in for a total treat, having a blast and then getting photos that I'm absolutely obsessed with. You can find Sara at her website and on Instagram. Let me tell you if you need fun photos for social media or family portraits you won't be sorry contacting Sara, not just because she's my friend but she was armed with location ideas and fun pose ideas and was really invested in capturing the vibe I wanted.

The hardest part of the shoot was picking out my outfit. I definitely suggest something that makes you feel good, confident and gives off the vibe you are looking for. I was going for cool, chic, epic life - I think we nailed it. Sara suggested the location in Celebration here in Central Florida and she totally nailed it! I went with the Isaac Mizrahi ball skirt, a solid top and a denim jacket for that fun Carrie Bradshaw style.

I also suggest finding a photographer who will make you feel comfortable. Now I know Sara and I are friends but that wouldn't automatically mean I would feel comfortable running across the street or posing with bubbles, but Sara's enthusiasm and great ideas made me feel calm and comfortable. She had me move and play and walk and swish my skirt and I just felt at ease and not awkward or like what am I supposed to do with my hands! Sara is also committed to getting the perfect shot, this girl was in the grass, the bushes, posing me, kneeling, grabbing my props, changing her lens and kept an eye on the shots she was getting to determine whether she wanted to get additional shots or we were ready to move to the next location! The hour flew by and I fell in love with having my photo taken by a professional! I fell in love so much that just today Sara and I talked about my next shoot!! We have so many ideas!

Thinking about booking a photoshoot? Beyond contacting Sara Ella Photography (which I highly recommend if you are in the Central Florida area or will be visiting) here are some tips for making sure you have a successful shoot and get great photos:

  1. Find a photographer you trust and who gets you! Like hiring any professional you want to make sure a photographer understands what you want and that your personalities can work well together. This means doing your research, asking questions don't be shy and don't assume the photographer will know what you want, they are not mind readers.

  2. Don't let society dictate the reason for photos! You don't have to wait for Christmas or a wedding to get family photos. You want new family photos? Go get them done! You want fun lifestyle photos? Go get them done! You want photos to show you're a little bit of a bad ass turning 45? I'm sure that's not just me - go get them done! You don't need a reason, if you have an outfit you feel fabulous in and want to get your photo taken I highly suggest you do it!

  3. Pick a location you are comfortable with. If you are shy and don't think you will be comfortable posing in a public place then pick a more private spot or a time of day where the spot you want will have very few people. If you aren't comfortable where you are that will show up in your photos.

  4. Pick an outfit that makes you feel good. This doesn't have to be a ball skirt it can be jeans and your favorite t-shirt, if you feel confident in it that will show!

  5. Have fun! Whatever the occasion, whether you are in the photos alone or with your entire family including the pets have fun, laugh, smile, play.

When was the last time you had professional photos taken? Is it time for some new ones? What is your dream photoshoot idea? I can't wait to hear all your answers as I plan for my next photoshoot adventure! A great big shout out to Sara for this gift and this new addiction stay tuned for our next adventure!

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