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Preparing for a Pandemic Road Trip

I hate opening posts with "it's been a time" or "things are sure crazy, right?" We all know that it has been a crazy time and doing anything during the pandemic is challenging, that is certainly true when you are planning a road trip and even more true when you are planning a road trip because your poor wife has lost both her parents in the past few months and it's a trip out of necessity. We are doing the best we can as we prepare to head out for an eight hour car right, we have boarded our poor little pup so we know he is safe and cared for and not dealing with the stress of the trip.

We are loading up with snacks and activities for the car ride, I have books, we'll play music and I'll probably head online for some road trip game ideas but if you have any suggestions drop them in the comments below. I have let go of the notion that we'll be eating healthy because I know we probably won't be. We will eat out of boredom, we will eat due to stress and for our sanity we have chosen to let that go for a few days. We have however, committed to going for a walk every day either before tackling the to-do list or after as a way to wind down, or both if needed. I have packed my travel yoga mat and will continue my daily yoga practice.

I will be participating in February's Layout A Day (LOAD) challenge so I have packed plenty of supplies to scrapbook on the go and I have my bullet journal, One Little Word journal and the new journal I'm starting to encourage me to write more. It sounds like a lot but it is unclear at this time how much time I will actually have and how much I'll be just hanging on the sidelines waiting for Tamy to need to me. Either way I'll be prepared.

Along with all those normal road trip items we have packed we also had to remember the pandemic necessities, lots of masks (both disposable and reusable) lots of antibacterial gel and wipes, paper towels, some cleaning supplies, disposable gloves for gas stations and anywhere that might be icky.

This will be quite an adventure for us, we aren't entirely sure what to expect but we are determined to make the best of it. We are open to any suggestions you may have especially if you have traveled during the pandemic. I will give a full report when we return!

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