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Prolonging the Christmas Adventures

It is no surprise to anyone that I don't the holiday season to end so I will keep the Christmas Adventures going for as long as I possibly can. For me the absolute saddest day of the year is December 26th when Christmas decorations come down in some places so fast it's almost like Christmas was just a dream and never really happened at all. We had to make a quick run to Walmart on the 26th and found that they had traded Christmas for Valentine's Day - WHAT?! Here I leave my decorations up until after January 6. We celebrate the Epiphany and La Befana will pay us a visit with little gifts but more on that in the coming days.

For now, let's focus on all the absolute epic adventures we had over the holiday. Christmas Eve we had a house full of people, there was so much food, so much laughter, so much silliness and happiness. It was so great having a house full of people again, to share with such a special night with friends who have become family. It was also pretty great to be in the moment. Obviously we took some photos but I put my phone down, actually I kept losing my phone and it was nice not to be behind the screen but actively participating.

Christmas Day was filled with relaxing and traditions and movies and presents. We watched A Christmas Story and ate cinnamon rolls and I had my Christmas morning eggnog. We went for walks and I made a yummy dinner. I was able to video chat with my family and we topped the evening off watching White Christmas. It was cozy and comfortable and no pressure.

I love these days after Christmas even though today we headed back to work there is a different feeling in the air. We play games and continue watching holiday movies and we are feasting on all of the leftovers. We are also gearing up for New Year's celebrations and more fun with friends. I'm working on my list of crafting projects and adding to my holiday scrapbook. How are you holding onto the Christmas magic this week?

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