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Return to Forks - Rereading the Twilight Series

So you may have heard that Stephanie Meyer released Midnight Sun, which of course I bought and I thought what better excuse to re-read and re-watch the Twilight series. Similar to what I did with the Harry Potter series I would read a book and then sit Tamy down to watch the movie. This time I was on my own as my best friend Bob wanted nothing to do with this!

What was crazy about re-reading these books, particularly the first one, I found myself falling under Edward's spell - AGAIN! Only this time I'm a forty-three year old woman! I zipped through the first book, I couldn't get enough of all the conversations and the romantic gestures. I still disliked New Moon and the reason is simple - not enough Edward! Now I know a lot of people didn't care for the casting but true story I saw the first movie before I read the books. I happened to see a poster for the movie and I was like oooh Cedric Diggory is playing a hot vampire I'm all in for this! So Robert Pattinson has always been my Edward and I am not sorry about it.

Naturally for some of our movie watching fun I had to make mushrooms raviolis because we all know that is what Bella orders the first time she is alone at a restaurant with Edward. We all know that right? I quickly realized as I read these books that the movies leave so much good stuff out. Eclipse continued to be my favorite book and the two Breaking Dawn movies take the top spot as favorite movie. Things I love about this series, that Stephanie Meyer didn't shy away from turning the human into a vampire, she didn't ignore the sex issue and she gave every one a really great back story.

As far as Midnight Sun goes... well, I don't want to say I didn't like it because I did enjoy parts of it. Some of it was repetitive. I felt that it made Edward a little too much like a human boy, which takes away from what makes him so special. He spends a lot of time struggling with self confidence which in a way makes him endearing but in a lot of ways just makes him whiny. Things I absolutely loved about Midnight Sun, all the moments Edward spent with the rest of his family, you really got to know these characters better particularly Emmett who is pretty short changed in the other books and for sure the movies but his relationship with Edward and Bella is pretty special and I really enjoyed seeing how that evolved.

Overall I enjoyed my return back to Forks and the world of Vampires. And I'm loving these re-read/re-watch adventures I've been on. Next up... The Shining and Dr. Sleep. (Bob is totally in on these two) Stay tuned!!

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