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Scream Themed Movie Night

I have been so inspired by all the theme movie nights I have been seeing all over Social Media so I am using this spooky season to create a few of my own. We started with one of my favorite horror movies - Scream. I remember seeing this movie in the theater when it first came out and I've probably seen it several hundred times since then. Tamy had never seen it so I wanted it to be really fun!

Prep for the big night meant a photo shoot recreating the movie poster, and baking cupcakes complete with blood soaked knives. We dined on snack foods as a nod to the party scene in the movie, we sat with all the lights out and Tamy listened to me quote the entire movie and point out all the hidden gems including Henry Winkler's original Fonzie jacket making an appearance. The cupcakes were a big hit, I used a recipe from Real Simple for the pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and the knives were purchased from Michael's and the blood, red decorating gel.

Tamy enjoyed the movie more than I thought she would, which was a huge plus and I always love watching this movie, it brings me back to my late teenage years, it was the first DVD I purchased when I bought my first computer with a disc drive (remember when computers had those) I watched all of the special features on the DVD and memorized just about every line. Like most movies the sequels are either just ok or they stink but this first one holds such a special place in my heart!

We are working on menus for our next movie nights; coming up, Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Hocus Pocus, The Shining and The Birds! Stay tuned as I share our movie night adventures and surprising no one I'm already mentally planning some Christmas movie nights too so if you have any ideas please share in the comments!

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