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Sea World Date Day

We love Sea World, I know it gets a bad rap and people have a lot of negative things to say about the park but we love it. We are on our second year as annual passholders and there is just something so special about this park. We initially got the passes because Sea World really knows how to do up Christmas but we have kept these passes because of all this park has to offer; fun festivals and events, Sesame Street, great food and fun bars. Recently we spent the day at Sea World for a much needed date day and we remembered why we love this park so much!

Currently the Seven Seas Food Festival is going on so we took this opportunity to taste some of the yummy offerings. Similar to Disney's Food & Wine festival (well all of their festivals really) there are themed booths around the park offering up delicious foods. Not only is the food delicious but the booths also serve as adorable photo ops!

Our absolute favorite thing was the goat cheese croquettes from the Mediterranean booth but everything we had was really yummy and we finished it all! We might have to hit up the festival another time or two before it ends!

We never miss a chance to stroll down Sesame Street and we also popped in to see a couple of our friends Cookie Monster and Grover! I love that Sea World still has character photo ops available! We had a blast with these guys!

Often we don't stop for any of the shows we just visit all the animal tanks and sometimes we get to ask the trainers questions. I always feel smarter when we leave. I know a lot of people feel that the animals are held captive but we visited with a turtle who had been bitten by a shark and is currently being rehabilitated at the park. There were also Manatees that were left without their mother and wouldn't have survived in the wild on their own. It is incredible to see these animals thriving in their current environment.

It is nice to just walk and visit with the animals and talk to each other without having to wait in endless lines. Even when the park is crowded it doesn't feel crowded, there is room to move and breathe and just be at peace.

We also spent a good bit of time at the new Glacier Bar! There was a DJ playing great music nearby and the bartenders were all incredible. We will definitely be returning to this spot again and again. I had the Sparkling Mojito and the bar's signature drink The Glacier - INCREDIBLE!

I am so glad we have this slice of paradise here in Orlando where we can visit. I love that we are continuing to explore this place where we live, I love going on adventures and that even though we are annual passholders we find new corners of the park to explore. Do you have a place where you live that you love to visit? We will continue to visit Sea World and share our adventures from time to time!

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