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Spooky Sea World - Night and Day

I have said it before but it bears repeating - Sea World knows how to do up the holidays and this year in addition to their Spooktacular during they day they are hosting the Inaugural Howl-O-Scream Orlando at night. This weekend I attended both of these events and though totally and completely different they were the perfect Halloween treat I needed!

Let's start with Howl-O-Scream. This night time hard ticket event included four haunted houses, four scare zones, themed bars and two shows. We arrived just about 6PM, at 6:30 they let us into the park but to a bit of a holding area with a bar, gift shop and scare actors. My friend Sandy and I sampled some cocktails and our group of six waited out the rain in the shop.

We tried some of the signature drinks I had the Smashed Pumpkin and the Poison Apple, Sandy had the Siren's Song and I totally don't remember the second one but we enjoyed every single sip. One of our cocktails even came with fun vampire teeth!

The houses were really fun, a lot of good scares, the wait times were not posted which was one of the draw backs but none of the waits were super long. One thing we absolutely loved was that small groups were sent through so a lot of the time it was just our group walking through the houses which was really great both from a socially distancing perspective but also for taking in all the details.

The scare zones were full of fun characters and photo ops, lots of great places to take photos and as it got dark and the fog was pumped in you certainly didn't see the zombies, werewolves and sirens coming for you. The interactions were great, they followed you, they chatted with you and they climbed out of the bushes to come after you, there were scares at every turn and it was so much fun! The two shows were terrific the talent was incredible and the complete immersive nature was really fun. All in all we had a great time and this smaller event was totally manageable and fun to get through without feeling completely exhausted.

This weekend Sea World also started their daytime Halloween Spooktacular! Tamy and I had to go renew our annual passes so we thought we would take a stroll through the park and kick off the season by checking out the set up this year.

As usual Sea World set up amazing photo ops throughout the park, there are tons of trick or treat stops for kids, story time, mermaid meet and greets and a fun parade on Sesame Street. We didn't hit all of this today but it was just our first of many visits. Since Tamy doesn't go for the haunted outings she was all in for pumpkin photos and seeing some of the Howl-O-Scream stuff in the light of day.

Totally different from the night time offering but a super fun stroll around the park just perfect for putting us in the Halloween mood. We can't wait to go back, enjoy more Spooktacular fun and hopefully some of the Beer Festival offerings as well! Have you started celebrating Spooky Season yet? What are you most excited for? Stay tuned later in the week I'll be sharing all about my visit to Universals Halloween Horror Nights! Until next time don't forget to tell me what you want to see!

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