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Spring Baking

When life gives you lemons it's time to do a little Spring baking! I love Easter, mainly because I love Easter food! Easter candy is the best, Spring flavors are delicious and I love cooking and baking for Spring time! So let's do a little Spring time baking today!

A super easy way to add a little Spring to your baked goods is to grab some of that delicious Easter candy for beautiful festive color and yumminess! You can find the recipe I used for these blondies by clicking here. I threw in peanut butter M&M eggs and the result is DELICIOUS!

Look how pretty and springy these blondies look! So much fun!! One of the flavors of Spring I love more than anything is lemon! It's bright, it's fresh, it makes me feel happy! We will also be spending time with a friend who loves lemon just as much as I do so I had to whip up this Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake from Giadzy.

Thinking I might serve this with some fresh fruit and ice cream, what do you think? What are you cooking up this Spring? I'll be back later this weekend with more fun and festive food and crafts to celebrate Spring and Easter and I hope you will join me!

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
Apr 02, 2021

I need those blondes!!!!! As for me, I plan on making “someone” a Fruity Pebbles cake and possibly some boozy “chocolate business”.

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