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Summer Adventures Bucket List!

Yes of course I know it's still technically Spring - BUT I posted a poll on Instagram and it was unanimously agreed that it wasn't too early to post a Summer Adventure Bucket List! Here's the thing, I already have a big Summer planned, so I want to get written down, shared with you and hopefully you will hold me accountable. Also, it is already super-hot here in Florida, so it feels like Summer to me. So here is the Adventures By Dani 2023 Summer Adventure Bucket List:

  • Water Parks - Back in April I attended a Cast Event at Typhoon Lagoon, previously, water parks were not my thing but being in Typhoon Lagoon for the first time it sparked something that I thought would be so fun to do more of this Summer.

  • The Return of the Jaws Party - Last year we had to skip our Jaws party because poor me, I was in France but this year it is making a comeback, which means fully decorating our home, putting together a menu, watching Jaws a lot and reenacting the opening scene for my friends!

  • Toes in the Sand - This is the perfect time to get out on the beach and breath in the salty air. I plan to make sure we do just that this year.

  • Pool Days - I love to be in the water and spending a day at the pool with the gang (and a cocktail or two) is the perfect way to spend the lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer.

  • Fun Hotel Stays - We for sure have one fun hotel stay on the books and we just had a fabulous stay at Coronado Springs for Tamy's birthday I think we might add another trip as well - maybe one that ties into the toes in the sand item!

  • California Dreaming - In June I will be heading to spend some quality time with my parents in California and I couldn't think of a better Summer trip!

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches - I am determined to make homemade ice cream sandwiches with both homemade cookies and homemade ice cream, think I can do it?

  • Airboat Rides - I have been very determined to try some outside of the box Florida adventures. Activities that go beyond the theme parks are typically things out of my comfort zone so I've been adding things in and this Summer an airboat ride is on the menu.

  • Theme Parking - Of course just because I plan to do things besides the theme parks doesn't mean we won't be spending a fair amount of time in them. Universal will be starting Jurassic June, Sea World has a new Summer Spectacular this year, and Epcot has Flower and Garden going all for a bit longer so expect to see me there!

What else should I add to this year's bucket list? What adventures are you planning to have this Summer? Please share in the comments below and you never know you just might see one of your ideas featured in the future!

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