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The Coffee Adventures Continue!

It has been a little while since we've been on coffee adventure - thankfully we have more adventures planned with our friend Reyna and we were able to chat about these plans over breakfast and DELICIOUS coffee at Rosallie French Cafe in Winter Garden. Winter Garden is such a cute area and every time we are there I think we should spend more time there.

Tamy and I had been to Rosellie before and we really enjoyed the food the last time but this time we got there right at opening so with a less crowded cafe we got prime seats and super fresh breakfast and we were able to sit and chat for a while which was as important as the food!

In a very un-Danielle move I didn't get photos of all of our food. I got some video so head to Instagram as I'm sure there will be a reel up before the end of the day! I did manage to get a photo of Reyna's quiche and our coffees! Me and Reyna got the Nutella Smores and Tamy got the Creme Brulee and these were absolutely fantastic! FANTASTIC! I'm super glad I ordered the large size because I would have gotten another if I hadn't! The food was fantastic, all of us got the yogurt parfait as our side and it was just as good as the main item on the plate. This is such a cozy spot to hang out and eat delicious food and drink fantastic coffee - I definitely recommend and I will definitely be back!

We have a fun adventure planned for next week so stay tuned!!! And if you have any ideas for future adventures be sure to let me know!

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