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The Godfather - Book, Movie and Food

After a far too long hiatus we are back with a themed day! This is a mix of virtual book club, a good old fashioned Italian dinner and one of the greatest movies of all time - The Godfather.

I had read The Godfather before many years ago but when Bob suggested it for our book club it was an offer I couldn't refuse. We zipped through this book. Even though we had both read it we were completely engrossed in this world and these characters.

My big thing is always character development and my goodness Mario Puzo nailed it. You really get to know these characters, you get to know this world, you root for the Corleone family to win... well most of them. Bob and I agreed that our MVP for this book is Michael - he changes, he grows, he thinks everything through - completely brilliant. Our LVP is absolutely 100% Kay. Girlfriend you knew what you were getting into! She was a dope throughout.

The brilliant Alex Guarnaschelli is one of our favorite chefs, and when I got her latest cookbook last year featuring Godfather Spaghetti and Meatballs a plan for this theme day started to hatch. Throw in the fact that both Tamy and Erinn had never seen this amazing movie and well I knew it had to be done. It took some arranging but we managed to find a Sunday that worked for all of us and we had ourselves a themed movie day.

I haven't made a lot of Sunday sauces that didn't come from my mom but this was pretty tasty. Sausage, meatballs, lots of garlic - delicious. The movie was a huge success both Tamy and Erinn enjoyed it which made me happy since this movie has been a lifelong staple in my family.

The movie is just as brilliant as the book which doesn't happen often. The parts left out were not missed and much of the movie had dialogue that jumped right off the page. The casting was perfection. A true masterpiece and Godfather II is just as good which is even more rare then the movie holding up to the book. We are diving into Godfather II as well don't you worry.

It felt good to get in the kitchen and fry up some sausage and make a sausage and plan a themed day. Stay tuned for more as we have Goodfellas day coming soon with another version of spaghetti and meatballs, not to mention all the fabulous Fall content coming your way. Comment below with a theme day you hope to see!

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