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The Scrapbook Adventures Continue!

So Scrapper on the Street has been retired, you might be asking "Does Dani even scrapbook anymore?" The answer is a very loud and joyful - YES!

I have been scrapbooking for a very very long time so it's not something I would just give up because of a little name change. By starting a blog that is not solely focused on scrapbooking I'm given the opportunity to combine all the things I love, so you can fully expect to see scrapbook pages peppered throughout this space!

For today I thought I would showcase a couple of the layouts I've done recently and get a little more into the stories behind them. The above layout I did as part of the mini Layout a Day challenge put on by the amazing folks at ScrapHappy - in fact, if you head to their blog today you might just find a guest post by someone familiar!

I wanted this layout to be as fun and playful as possible since it is a layout about ice cream but I also really wanted to tell the story about my sister sending us Jeni's Ice Cream as a total and wonderful surprise. I love taking a seemingly everyday story and really show how special those moments actually are. I had a lot of fun with this one, trying new things, playing with papers and inks and clustering my little heart out. I also love that I have this layout so I can remember how happy this ice cream made me!

This next layout, also part of the Layout a Day challenge, takes another moment that is rapidly becoming commonplace but somewhere down the line we might want to remember the days when we all wore masks all of the time. When I took this selfie one afternoon in the car I had no idea I would end up scrapbooking it, but once I landed on this story I was SUPER glad I had this photo. This is one of the reasons I could never give up scrapbooking, what on earth would I do with all those selfies if I did!

My why behind scrapbooking and snapping pictures all of the time is to capture all of the moments in life. I want to be able to look back on all of these adventures and have visual memories of it all! What every day adventures are you capturing?

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