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Universal Date Day

Taking steps toward adventure is one of the ways we have been finding work/life balance. Taking time to things we enjoy just the two of us is how we work to keep our relationship - our marriage strong. We take time to head out and try new things, eat new foods, have new experiences - together.

We headed out with no real agenda, just to walk around the Universal parks and try something new. We explored different corners of the park we hadn't explored before, and when looking for something to eat Tamy wanted to try to get into Mythos. This restaurant is a fan favorite and I hadn't eaten there in many years and it was about time I tried this place again as if for the first time. We did manage to get seated at a beautiful table outside, we watched roller coasters, we chatted, we took it all in.

I drank wine, we both ate delicious food and we enjoyed a beautiful meal. It was so nice, perfect, just what we needed.

Tamy had the bone in pork chop with a blue cheese crust, she devoured it! I had the Pad Thai, this is one of their signature dishes and I can totally see why, it was totally and utterly delicious full of chicken and shrimp. We have already decided we want to head back there again and try other dishes.

We have already decided to renew our Universal passes, we have had some really incredible date days there already and I'm sure there is so much more instore for us. It is important to us as people, as a couple to make each of these days and moments count. To try new things, have new adventures and to enjoy these things together. What new thing have you tried lately? What do you do to keep relationships strong?

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