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Valentine's Day Adventures - Pandemic Edition

Happy Valentine's Day! No one wants to hear me say it and I don't want to type but I guess it bears repeating, this year is different, things are different. But I am a firm believer that different doesn't have to mean we don't celebrate, that we can't find adventure, and that days can't be special. I was determined to celebrate Valentine's Day to the max and I think my mission was accomplished!

The celebration started with decorations of course, the Valentine's day tree went up along with the other decorations, I bought flowers from Trader Joe's because they are not only super affordable but really pretty! And then there was my photo backdrop. I figured since we had such a blast with the birthday balloon wall I would put together a little something for Valentine's day. This was super easy to do, I used my Cricut to cut hearts and lips in varying shades of pink. No Cricut? No problem you can buy packages of paper hearts at craft stores or The Dollar Store and get a super cute photo wall! On Saturday night we had a little Galentine's Day gathering, our nearest and dearest came over for dinner, cocktails and photoshoots!

For dinner I made two new recipes from the Laura in the Kitchen cookbook - Tortellini with Pink Sauce and Cheesy Garlic Bread. I thought the pink sauce would be just the thing for a girl's night in and who doesn't want garlic bread with pasta? This meal (I think) was a hit and we followed the meal with air fried Lady Gaga Oreos courtesy of Gabby and Espresso Brownies and ice cream. Oh and lots of sparkling wine of course. It was good conversation, it was sitting and eating and talking and laughing. For an evening we were able to just have fun, and forget the world outside. We found adventure! In "normal times" we might have gone out, hit up a happy hour or a brunch, we would have spent money, we would not have been as relaxed and you know what else - there would have been no photo wall!

Things may be different but there can still be fun, there can still be adventure out there, it's what we make of it right? I also find we are truly discovering what we enjoy doing and who we enjoy doing it with, these gals have been my rocks, part of our little pod and with them I can 100% be myself with no judgement, I worry that I took them for granted before this wacky pandemic and now I have the gift of time and clarity to make it up to them!

Today Tamy and I stayed in, the weather was rainy and dreary but that didn't mean we didn't make time for a photoshoot today too! Also I made the above shirt as one of my Cricut projects so of course I had to wear it! Did I then change into leggings so we could lounge and watch movies and eat leftovers and just enjoy each other's company? Yes, yes I did but was today still absolutely delightful? Yes, yes it was! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a fancy dinner, or a lot of money you can find adventure at home and make memories that you wouldn't have likely made otherwise - I choose to focus on that.

What did you do to make today special? How will you make tomorrow special or the day after that? There is adventure out there to be had, we have Mardi Gras coming up, Spring around the corner and a host of other special days that we can make special even if we have to do it at home. Stay tuned for a virtual book club update!

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Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen

The food was AMAZING & the company was outstanding as per usual. I hope that these pod gatherings stick around after it’s free to roam the Earth again.

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