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Virtual Book Club - Misery

It has been far too long since I've posted a Virtual Book Club update, but I promise you we've been trucking along. Bob and I read Misery by Stephen King in February, but it definitely made and impact and then I introduced Tamy to the film so as usual it was fun to compare the book and movie.

Side note: the above photo is Bob's daughter Willow (and Bob's feet) as part of one of their epic photo series. Thank goodness they do this because all I had to do was text him and I had this photo less than an hour later and its PERFECT!

I've said this many times and likely I'll say this many more times - Stephen King is the MASTER of character development and this book really drives that home as basically this is just two characters that are so interesting, and you get to know so deeply and wow he killed it. Like to have chapters where I was on the edge of my seat where the pages were only about one person and their inner dialogue - like come on that's a master class in writing. The story of Annie and Paul is just so good, their relationship, the fight Paul has in him, the self-righteousness Annie has in her it's just so good.

This movie has been one of my faves for a long time. Kathy Bates absolutely deserved that Oscar and the way James Caan acted at time with just his eyes magnificent. There are definite changes of course. You had to add additional characters for the movie and I had no issue with that at all. I thought they kept the best of the book and made the normal cinematic changes without completely changing course.

I am going to do my darndest to post more about the books we are reading so hopefully you want to read about them! I am so glad we are doing this and that we have continued doing this for three years. I have definitely read books I wouldn't have considered without Bob!

We do have an ever growing list of books but there is always room for more so drop your recommendations in the comments.

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