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Virtual Book Club - The Da Vinci Code

We read The Da Vinci Code back in December, it was a re-read for the both of us. I wanted to re-watch the movie before I wrote this post so that is my excuse for the delay. This book was just as incredible the second time as it was the first and even though I knew some of the big twists I still had fun and was surprised by a few things. It was also a lot of fun reading this book and watching this movie now that I've actually been to Paris.

The book and movie were at the time of release and likely are still considered controversial but I love the mix of historical, architectural, and art facts along with this life long mystery. I love reading a book that is also an adventure, that has you figuring out puzzles and figuring out the mystery not only the mystery of what is being hidden but who the bad guys are. I love that the movie sticks pretty close to the novel. We watched the extended edition and I really loved the scenes that were added, helped to tell a full story.

Bob and I had a good time reading this one and we shared our choice in MVP as lead character Robert Langdon - I love how he keeps his head, is committed to helping solve this mystery. Bob's LVP was Captain Fache mine was Remy - he was way to gullible thinking things would go any way other then the way they ended up going. This is a difficult book to blog about since I don't want to give anything away but I definitely recommend The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown wrote an intriguing book full of adventure and amazing characters.

We have lots of other books waiting to be blogged about and a list of books we are reading so stay tuned for more and of course if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments!

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