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Why Are We Going on this Adventure?

Those of you who already know me might be wondering... why is she blogging again? Why now? What's different? And those of you who don't know me might be asking, why do I care about this person and her adventures?

As we set sail on this new adventure I hope to answer all of those questions. Why am I blogging? Why am I doing it now? Those are easy to answer, I have missed the outlet for writing and I was longing for something longer than an Instagram caption or even a scrapbooking page, somewhere that I could get a little long winded if I chose to. I'm doing it now because I have what I choose to view as a gift of time. I am furloughed from the job I absolutely love, and the world as we know it is a little topsy turvy right now (to say the least) I found myself with more to say, more inspiration I wanted to share, more projects I was working on and that even though things are so different I am still creating a life that is one hell of an epic adventure and I wanted to share that in a deeper, more meaningful way.

The next questions are a lot less cut and dry but what's different? Just about everything! And why should you care about this blog? Well, why not? I plan to have a lot of fun here and I can offer a friendly ear anytime you need one. And come on, who couldn't use a little adventure during a global pandemic, or anytime really. It took a really long time but I've built a life truly worth living, my best life, an epic life and I want to share that!

I had blogs and websites before, one blog was hugely unfocused and the other was way too focused. I was known for a long time as The Scrapper on the Street. I ran a scrapbooking blog and website though I've often been asked if I was a street fighter. (The short answer on that one is no) I was given the title by a woman I worked for at that time and though we are still friends we have gone in different directions professionally and that is not a bad thing it is a fact and I'm grateful for all the years I was Scrapper on the Street. The old site was built, created, and designed by my ex-husband. He was tech support, he handled all the bells and whistles and when we were divorced I was out of my element. I grew to resent the site because I wasn't involved enough, I didn't know enough and really at the end of the day I wasn't that person any more. So I took it down.

Now I am remarried to the most amazing and supportive woman and I found who I really am and who I really want to be, so a new site was born, new Instagram handles, a new Facebook page where we can gather and just a new Dani who is hoping you'll join her on this most epic adventure! My plan is to inspire you to make the most of this time home, to introduce you to products I love, books that inspire me, crafting projects to create happiness and cook up some really yummy food. I know this sounds like a lot things we are focusing on but hey, I live a really full life and we are going to have a really good time!

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5 commentaires

I love when you’re long winded!!


Hooray!! Happy to be along for the ride of your life!!!


Great to see all your adventures combined here!


I'm ready for a ride!!


Gabrielle Cohen
Gabrielle Cohen
03 août 2020

I’m so happy that you back to blogging! You have so much to say and are a real inspiration. I’m proud to call you friend and I look forward to following your adventures.

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