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Adventures in Donuts - DonutNV

We are back with another fun new donut spot! A new neighborhood means new fun spots and that meant getting the band back together for a morning donut run! Our fellow donut lover Reyna came to see the new place and eat yummy donuts one morning and this place is so close to us I imagine we will be frequent visitors in no time. DonutNV serves up fresh mini donuts with assorted toppings to choose from. You can order the donuts in three, six, twelve or a twenty-four count party pack. Also available bagel smash sandwiches, coffees and juices.

Tamy and I split a sausage, egg and cheese smash sandwich and we each got a 3 pack of donuts which actually came with four donuts - this was perfect for sharing. The smash sandwich was absolutely delicious. Warm, cheesy, gooey, all the things you want a breakfast sandwich to be. Reyna picked up a bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel and shared our opinion on how yummy these sandwiches were.

For the donuts I went for the seasonal pumpkin pie offering. Please know they do offer Fruity Pebbles and I will be getting those in the future but it's pumpkin season I couldn't resist. These literally melt in your mouth, partially because they are so fresh. I enjoyed these little sugary gems. Reyna also picked the pumpkin donuts - great minds you know!

Tamy did pick a seasonal options cinnamon roll. These had the perfect amount of cinnamon and icing on them and like the pumpkin, totally melted in your mouth.

Overall we were very happy with our choices and this donut spot. I think the only thing I will do different next time is pick up a party pack! These donuts were just so yummy! I definitely recommend DonutNV and be sure to let us know when you're in the neighborhood!

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