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Roman Food Adventures - Part 2

Two of our most favorite experiences in Rome obviously included food! I knew immediately I wanted to do a street food tour and as the trip got closer and the weather forecast got rainier, I added a spaghetti and spritze cooking class! Honestly, I can't say enough good things about these experiences!

The food tour not only allowed us to taste some of the most amazing food I've ever tasted but we learned amazing history, the good and the bad. We were introduced to stumbling stones and learned how horribly the residents of the Jewish Ghetto were treated. We learned how so much of the Roman food comes from the need to use every part of everything and we learned that the word Suppli doesn't mean anything it came from the French saying supri (suprise) when biting into these delicious rice balls and discovering there was gooey cheese inside. We met lovely people on this tour and explored different parts of the city. We re-visited a few of these places later in our trip because well - we couldn't leave without more of this delicious food!

I picked Rome with Chef because it was just a few minute walk from our hotel and I picked the Spritz and Spaghetti class because of course who doesn't love a class where you cook and drink? Our instructor Bart was funny and charming and was really informative. We learned how and made our own fresh pasta, we learned how to make Aperol, Campari and Limoncello Spritzes and then Bart showed us how to make Cacio e Pepe and Carbonara, both were fantastic! This class was so great, we met fantastic people, we learned how to make yummy food, it was just a delightful afternoon!

We are planning to make our own fresh pasta this Christmas and I would hugely suggest that if you are traveling to another country you should take a cooking class, we are absolutely planning to do this no matter where we visit next!

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Oh my goodness! My stomach is growling as I read this post. Everything looks so delicious!

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