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Coffee Shop Adventures - The Fall Flight

We've all driven an hour away to try a seasonal coffee flight at a fun looking coffee shop, right? Well, if you haven't, I highly recommend it! We have been eyeing the Fall flight at New City Coffee Co. for ages, it took us some time to get our schedule aligned with Reyna's but we finally made it happen and we are so glad! The drive to Lake Mary was not bad at all, we definitely made our own fun on the way.

The Fall flight included four flavors of coffee: Candy Corn, White Pumpkin, Cookie Butter and Maple Pecan. You could get the flight hot or iced - since the morning was overcast and the car ride chilly, we both opted for the hot coffee flight. We were both super excited for the White Pumpkin and Cookie Butter and we both had high hopes for the Maple Pecan, but we were both definitely nervous about the Candy Corn - but you never know which coffee could end up as the sleeper hit! We both agreed that the Candy Corn was not bad at all - it was actually really good, not overly sweet and had just a hint of candy without hitting you over the head with it. We scored the Candy Corn 7/10. The White Pumpkin was a showstopper! We scored this 8/10 though Reyna said if she were rating this against all the other pumpkin lattes in the world it would be a 10/10! The Cookie Butter the most anticipated and it was really good! Scored a 7.5/10 we could have gone with less whip cream. The Maple Pecan was the biggest disappointment it just wasn't either of our favorites and the coffee I left the most of! I completely finished the White Pumpkin and most of the Cookie Butter! Tamy tried them as well and was pleasantly surprised by all the flavors!

The food at New City Coffee Co. was also really delicious. Reyna went for the Fig Toast which appeared to be a Fall special with Brie, apples, figs and hot honey it was solid choice and Reyna really enjoyed it. I chose the Caprese Toast because I couldn't resist the promise of avocado and mozzarella! It was super tasty and very fresh. Not pictured is Tamy's apple fritter which she must have enjoyed because she ate it so fast, and I didn't get a single bite!

We also found an adorable Farmer's Market and craft sale in the park across the street which was so much fun to walk through - I may have even found a little something to purchase!! We will definitely be returning to New City Coffee Co. once the next flight is announced so stay tuned! Which Fall flavor would you be excited to try?

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