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Farewell to Summer

So here we are Labor Day weekend the unofficial end of Summer and since I've been ready for Fall/Halloween for weeks now I'm definitely ready to say goodbye to Summer and see how we did on this year's bucket list!

  • Water Parks - Unfortunately this didn't happen, it was planned a couple of times and things just didn't pan out. Lucky for us we live in a place where we can visit the water parks most of the year and there are plenty to choose from!

  • The Return of the Jaws Party - This year the Jaws party came back and was so much fun! A day full of good friends, good fun and of course we watched Jaws all weekend long!!

  • Toes in the Sand - Bummer we didn't get to the beach this year. Me and my mom had brunch on the beach when I was in California in June but that was as close as we got this year. Similar to the water parks, the beaches in Florida aren't going anywhere and I'm sure we will get out there soon.

  • Pool Days - We have spent more time by the pool this year than we have in years. We've hung out with friends, drinks, snacks, music - we've hung out there just the two of us but it has been a great Summer chock full of pool days!

  • Fun Hotel Stays - We had an amazing stay at the Coronado resort for Tamy's birthday but we put a pin in other stays for this Summer. Since we each got a new vehicle and we have a big trip to Italy coming we put the money elsewhere this year anyways.

  • California Dreaming - My visit to California was terrific. Time with my parents and my furry nephew Frankie. We had great food, we watched movies, we went shopping, it was such a fun time.

  • Ice Cream Sandwiches - As part of our gathering this past weekend I made homemade cookies and supplied a few different kinds of ice cream for a build your own ice cream sandwich bar - what fun!!

  • Airboat Rides - This was one of the first activities we ticked off the list and it might be one of our favorites! What a blast we had and we can't wait to do it again.

  • Theme Parking - Oh we did our share of theme parking! We hit Universal and enjoyed the new Minions Land, we went to Sea World, we visited Epcot - it was definitely a fun filled theme park Summer.

Overall, this Summer was one to remember, though not all good times and good news we made some fantastic memories! We watched movies, we played games, we hung out with friends, we swam, we threw parties and went to parties and now it's time to move on to Fall where if you can believe it I have even more planned!!! Stay tuned for that bucket list it will be coming your way soon!

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