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Disney Adventures - Flower & Garden

I was so worried that this would be another year of missing out on the Flower & Garden festival. I pretty much love all of the festivals but this one ranks pretty high up there, so when my sister and brother-in-law told me they were going to be in town and had a couple of days to spend with us we knew a trip to Epcot was in our future.

We got so lucky that on the Saturday we visited the park didn't seem overly crowded and we didn't have to wait at any of the food booths which was fantastic! We were able to take photos of the topiaries, visit our favorite attractions, go through all the shops and of course eat - a lot! We had a blast trying so many things and most were delicious.

Let's start with my least favorite items - the potato pancake with caramelized ham and onions had way too much ham and not very many onions. The ham overwhelmed the potato pancake. Toasted Pretzel Bread with Ham and Gruyere was much tastier but again so overloaded with ham that it was a little salty. Neither of these things were bad, we definitely ate them, they just weren't my favorites. From the Lotus House booth the Spicy chicken skewer was super tasty and juicy, but it wasn't spicy. I was expecting this to bring the spice and it just didn't. And unfortunately I really wanted to love the Arepas but found them to be really dry.

Our favorite booth hands down was Jardin de Fiestas. Wow! We were blown away. The Enchilada with Mole was outstanding, the Tostada with Chorizo was one of the best festival items I've eaten in a long time and not pictures the Taco Vampiro was so incredible that we stopped for seconds later in the day! The Boudin Bites were so darn good and a returning favorite and still a winner the Honey Mascarpone Cheesecake - wow so good!

Like I said we did lots of eating, and also a fair share of drinking too! Did I even visit Epcot if I didn't get an Italian Margarita? It was super hot but this frosty cocktail is perfection. It was a perfect day, I couldn't get over how much we were able to do, how delicious everything was and just how much fun we had! We even got to enjoy Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone in concert - what a blast!

After two loops around the World Showcase we headed back to the resort happy, full and having successfully enjoyed the 2022 Flower & Garden Festival! The festival runs until July 4th so there is still time to visit if you haven't already. Have you made it out to the festival? Did you have a favorite food item?

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