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Ins and Outs 2024

Looks like I missed out on some major posting opportunities around here huh? I thought as we move into the Spring Equinox I would instead post my ins and outs for 2024. Below is the list I created on the first of the year and I will also update on how these things are going and maybe add a few additional items as we move into this season of growth.


  1. Self Doubt - This is easier said than done right? But I think I have been doing ok so far. Naturally I can do more work on this one, probably more than any other of the outs on the list.

  2. Planning everything for everyone all the time - I love hosting, I loved planning our trip to Rome, but sometimes the person who plans everything wants to be invited once in a while. I have been handing off planning responsibilities, Tamy and I have made decisions about things we do based on how little planning has to go into it so that I can reset. This is not to say I won't plan or host or anything forever - just a little break to feel creative again and not so overwhelmed.

  3. Wasting time - YIKES! This one - probably not going as well as it could. I do get a lot done in a day but sometimes at night I sit on my phone and I have wasted hours scrolling social media so I definitely have to work on that.

  4. Talking before thinking - Meditation has helped this! Taking a breath before I open my mouth has really helped keep things in check. Sometimes you know when you have to walk away, take a walk, take pause so that things don't escalate. I am happy with the progress here.

  5. Apologizing for things that bring me joy - This one was all thanks to my friend Christine, back in November we got in my car and went to lunch and I naturally had Christmas music playing even though it was early November and the first thing I did was apologize. Christine turned to me and said "why would you apologize for something that brings you joy" and just like that my mind changed! Why should I apologize for things that bring me joy? and I immediately stopped doing it!


  1. Creating - This means a lot of things, writing, creating content, scrapbooking again, journaling, paper crafting, decorating, cooking. You name it I'm trying to create and remember how much joy it brings me!!

  2. Daily Tarot practice - I have been loving my Tarot practice have successfully pulled cards every day of 2024 so far. I pull cards and journal about the meaning I take from them and let them guide me through the day. It has helped center me.

  3. Fun and mindful movement - I exercise almost every day - but I don't just run on a treadmill, I do fun dancing workouts to music I love and it makes me want to do these workouts so it's really been great to not force myself to do boring workouts and only do the ones that are really fun!

  4. More me and Tamy time - I have been known to book our weekends solid (remember all that planning above) and now I'm leaving time for us to just be together, date days, lazy days, just time for us to be together and be us.

  5. More Photos - I know you are probably thinking "how can she take more photos" well I have been losing focus on taking photos and any kind of photography practice and I want to get back to this activity that brings me joy.

  6. Taking time to breathe - Meditation coming in for the win again. Something I didn't think I could do or would ever be good at is now saving me on a daily basis. The crazy thing about meditation is there is no right or wrong way and focusing and breathing and remembering to find my center is just what I need.

  7. Trying new things - For sure I'm learning new things at work every day but I'm also trying new things, new recipes have been running through the kitchen, new coffee shops, new restaurants, new activities, new adventures and so many new things coming!

Other things I want to bring in this year - boundaries and balance! We will move into this new season ready to grow and learn and continue on a fantastic, dare I say epic adventure. What are you bringing in this year? And what are you definitely kicking out? Would love to hear from you in the comments or as always find me on Instagram, I'll probably be there, still wasting some time!

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